Thoroughbred Motorsports Prouldy Presents                                  The Newest AdditionsTo Our Product Line

Designed for Stallions
Lil' Deuce
Designed for Harleys and Hot Rods
Designed for Goldwing 1800
Fully Independent Trailing Arm Suspension
  • The suspension is designed to allow the tire to travel up and away from bumps in the road.  This reduces vertical acceleration of the wheel and tire and decreases bump harshness.
  • The trailing arms are attached to the chassis using rubber isolated bushings.  This further reduces the harshness of the bumps and improves the trailer ride quality. 

Automobile Radial Tire and Wheel Combination
  • The hub bearings and seals are automotive design components.
  • This translates to one very important message: Overbuilt and underutilized, which means no maintenance issues.  
  • The tires we use are available with white lettering so we can match the tire and wheel combination to the pulling vehicle.