Authorized Dealer for the following:

Motor Trike:    Big Bike Parts:

ADD-ON Accessories;      PINGEL Electric Shift:

Seirra Electronic: Tulsa Windshields:

VOYAGER  Kit:     Amsoil Products:

New Parts for Sale:
  • Windshields ( Tulsa and F4)
  • Tires
  • Chrome Accessories
  • Accent LED Lighting
  • Accessories for all Motor Trike Kits

Used Parts for Sale:
  • Rear Tires and Wheels
  • Trailor Hitches
  • Various Models and Colors of Saddles Bags
  • Swing Arm Assemblies for GL 1500 / GL1800
  • Helmets with and without head sets
  • Bike covers

Parts and Accessories For Sale
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